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Orange County FL Construction Attorney

Christopher and his team are conversant in all aspects of construction law and construction litigation. They bring years of practical knowledge to every case and ensure that every project has the best chance of being finished in accordance with the drawings and project manual, on time and on budget.

​When things do not go well, construction defects, delays, budget overruns, and the like can occur. Let Christopher work with you to help minimize the chance that a project will run into trouble.  And if your project is in trouble already, let us give you a hand as litigators.

​​For more information or to speak to Christopher about your construction issue, contact him at 407-928-6737.

Knowledgeable Orange County FL Construction Attorney Helps You Resolve Construction Disputes

If you are involved in a construction project, it is essential everything stay on schedule and move forward as anticipated. But all too often, problems arise and develop into full-blown legal disputes. This can cause a project to go over budget and take much longer than originally anticipated to complete.

Construction projects often hit snags. In many cases, these issues are resolved and the project continues forward. However, there are times when it is impossible to overcome disputes that arise without the assistance of an attorney.

  • Standard industry contract forms (AIA, AGC Series, DBIA, etc.) along with modifications thereto.
  • ​Provisions regarding differing site conditions, extras, time of performance/scheduling, liquidated damages, and no damages for delay, etc.
  • ​Negotiating preferred contract terms.  For example, we can help you to decide if you want to use a construction manager or an independent contractor, design builder or the like.
  • ​Licenses, certification, and building permits
  • ​Requirements of proper payments, Notices to Owner, Progress Payment Affidavits, Final Contractor’s Affidavits, and Construction Liens
  • ​​Shop drawings/submittals process
  • Drafting indemnity clauses and bond forms
  • ​Correcting defective work
  • ​Pros and cons associated with selecting arbitration, litigation and/or mediation.
  • ​​Drafting and/or responding to Requests for Sworn Statement of Account, Claim of Liens, Satisfaction of Liens, Transfer Bonds and the foreclosure process in general.
  • Bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds including conditional bonds and unconditional bonds.
  • ​Dealing with the construction lender
  • ​Warranty claims, and condominium warranties
  • ​Addressing what to do when requests for extras, modifications and delays are made.
  • ​Contract nonperformance, calculating damages and preparing responsive defenses
  • ​​Advice about negligence causing property damage and/or personal injury

If you need legal assistance with a construction issue in Orange County, Christopher Weiss can help.

​​Christopher J. Weiss - Construction Attorney

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It does not matter whether the issue must be resolved in the courtroom or if it can be settled through a form of alternative dispute resolution, it is imperative you have someone with legal experience in your corner who understands the construction industry.

Orange County FL Construction Attorney

Orange County FL Construction Attorney Offers Legal Guidance When Construction Issues Arise

An Orange County FL construction attorney can help you with:

When a problem develops in a construction project in which you have an interest, an experienced Orange County FL construction attorney can help you with the proper counseling, advice, negotiations, procedures, and document preparation.