Mediation Services Mr. Weiss has participated in hundreds of mediations throughout his career.  He is level headed, attentive and committed to assisting the parties in obtaining a fair and favorable resolution, thereby eliminating the need for litigation. The Firm will work with your scheduling issues so that a quick mediation can be arranged. ​

​Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. The Firm has been successful in achieving results in a wide range of construction disputes including federal and state, trial and appellate, through arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.  The Firm regularly handles complex construction litigation cases.  Whether you are a large or small company, the Firm is committed to your satisfaction.

Construction Transactions.  The Firm is conversant with all aspects of construction.  Because the Firm only handles construction matters, we bring years of practical knowledge to see that the project has the best chance of being finished in accordance with the plans and specifications, on time and on budget.  When things don't go well, construction defects, delays, budget overruns, and the like can occur.  Let us work with you to help minimize the chance the project runs into trouble.

OSHA Workplace Safety Claims​. The Firm has substantial experience representing clients in the defense of any workplace safety issue or resulting claim.  The Firm regularly responds to OSHA investigations and citations.  We attempt to negotiate a fair settlement and have success in many such situations.  However, if no agreement with OSHA can be reached, we are comfortable with the judicial options.  We routinely defend OSHA and workplace safety related litigation. The Firm can quickly bring counsel to the jobsite after serious workplace accidents.

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