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​​​​​​Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Finding yourself facing a civil or criminal case is a very stressful situation. Not only that, if it is your business which has a lawsuit, then you are not just worrying about your image, but your income as well. When it comes to facing charges in court, it is no joke; and it must be handled properly. That is why you need an experienced and accomplished attorney to handle the litigation process. 

However, another thing to take note of is that not everything ends up in lawsuit and litigation. Some disputes can be handled without lengthy trials and exposure to the public. There is an alternative dispute resolution which is mediation. Mediation is a solution to some conflicts, whether it be personal or about business. Mediation is a discussion and negotiation where both parties can openly say what they feel and discuss the root cause of the problem with a third neutral person. The third neutral person is called the mediator and is the moderator of how the discussion goes until they reach an agreement. Mediation is faster to reach a resolution than litigation. However, if there are complex issues, you can opt to choose a litigation process.
May it be litigation or an alternative dispute resolution, it is best that you work with a lawyer that has a vast knowledge of your state laws and has enough experience. Work with Christopher Weiss Attorney at Law, P.A., he is a board-certified construction attorney since 2005 and has been focusing on mediation and arbitration about construction matters. 

At Christopher Weiss Attorney at Law, P.A., we understand the importance of choosing the right lawyer to handle mediations and/or arbitrations in construction matters. We have extensive construction experience and can draw on broad subject matter knowledge. We have the resources to properly litigate, mediate or arbitrate cases.  We can provide: 

  • Evaluation and Risk Assessment
  • Development of litigation, arbitration and mediation strategy
  • Vigorous and Sustained Advocacy within Professional Standards
  • Timely and Responsive Communication
  • A Focus on the Business Results you Desire

If you are in the construction business and you are facing disputes, let us put your mind at ease by discussing your situation, you can consult with us. From there, we can either choose whether it should be a litigation process or a mediation; the final decision is up to you of course but knows that we are here to guide you every step of the way. We would like you to make a good decision. If it is already a litigation process, then you do not have to worry. We are ready to negotiate on your behalf. We are also ready to represent you in court and defend your side. Christopher Weiss Attorney at Law, P.A. will protect your best interests. 
We can litigate, mediate, or arbitrate the legal concerns of your construction matters. We are just one contact away if you need us and we always do our best to give you the outcome you want. Clients choose Christopher Weiss because he is an accomplished lawyer who works efficiently. He always comes to meetings prepared and is ready to protect you and your rights. He has been practicing law for over 40 years; he has handled litigation, arbitration, and mediation cases, even those that are complex which involve multiple parties. For four decades, he has helped a lot of clients resolve their disputes. If your issues are about construction defects, delay, disruption, acceleration claims, or anything related to construction matters, Christopher Weiss can help you. Christopher Weiss has represented his clients in state and federal courts. 

The Firm keeps your business objectives in view when establishing litigation, arbitration or mediation strategies.  We tackle your challenges so that you can move ahead.  Whatever the context, be it Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Mediation or trying a case in a Courtroom, we work hard to increase the likelihood of a successful result.  Managing expectations requires keeping in mind the legal costs of the dispute.  Our goal is to number you among our many satisfied clients who refer us to the majority of our new clients.  To schedule your mediation/arbitration give us a call at (407) 928-6737 or email, and we will be happy to get back to you right away.