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OSHA, Workplace Safety Claims:  Construction projects can be dangerous.  Workplace related injuries or health hazards can be reduced or eliminated with good OSHA compliance.  We work with many consultants who assist in establishing appropriate compliance measures and training programs, with training in OSHA reporting requirements.  We easily respond to investigations, citations and employee claims. Consider the support of a seasoned construction attorney with access to experts in the industry.

Rapid Response after Catastrophic Accidents:  After catastrophic workplace accidents involving fatalities and/or serious injuries, the Firm upon request can provide critical support.  We provide counsel to the jobsite quickly to advise our clients.  The Firm can deal promptly with implicated government agencies. We also can help with property damage, personal injury claims, liability and related insurance coverage issues.

Responding to OSHA Investigations, Citations and Claims:  We recommend representation at all OSHA on-site inspections, especially during management and employee interviews with the government. We favor informal conferences with local area OSHA representatives.  From there, we routinely negotiate a favorable settlement.  When that isn't possible, the Firm can provide representation in contest proceedings initiated before administrative law judges.  

If you need assistance with an OSHA claim, we are here to assist, give us a call at 407-928-6737 or email chris@cweisslaw.com.

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