​Construction Transactions in Orlando, FL:

Mr. Weiss can assist you by providing you with the proper counseling, advice, negotiations, procedures, document preparation, with respect to the following:

  • ​Standard industry contract forms (AIA, AGC Series, DBIA, etc.) along with modifications thereto.

  • ​Provisions regarding differing site conditions, extras, time of performance/scheduling,

    liquidated damages, and no damages for delay, etc.

  • ​Negotiating preferred contract terms.  For example, we can help you to decide if you want to use a construction manager or an independent contractor, design builder or the like.

  • ​Licenses, certification, and building permits

  • ​Requirements of proper payments, Notices to Owner, Progress Payment Affidavits, Final Contractor’s Affidavits, and Construction Liens

  • ​Shop drawings/submittals process

  • ​Drafting indemnity clauses and bond forms

  • Correcting defective work

  • ​Pros and cons associated with selecting arbitration, litigation and/or mediation.

  • ​Drafting and/or responding to Requests for Sworn Statement of Account, Claim of Liens, Satisfaction of Liens, Transfer Bonds and the foreclosure process in general.

  • ​Bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds including conditional bonds and

    unconditional bonds.

  • ​Dealing with the construction lender

  • ​Warranty claims, and condominium warranties

  • ​Addressing what to do when requests for extras, modifications and delays are made.

  • ​Contract nonperformance, calculating damages and preparing responsive defenses

  • Advice about negligence causing property damage and/or personal injury.

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Construction transactions in Orlando, FL