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Florida construction attorneys near me see an increased demand for services as new construction rates continue to rise. Construction projects can becomplicated and stressful for all parties involved. Lack of clarity or understanding can lead to significant complications, delays in the project timeline, or complete derailment. Once a project falls off track, costs quickly accumulate and can lead to a compounding effect, and the more prolonged disputes go unresolved. Mitigating or avoiding this chaos is possible by bringing in a construction attorney to help navigate the rough terrain.

Choosing a construction attorney can be an overwhelming task, particularly for clients who are not working professionally in the construction industry. Common questions I hear and want to address include:

Who should hire the construction attorney? When should I bring in a construction attorney? What are the benefits of a construction attorney? What services will a construction attorney provide? How do I find a construction attorney for my type of project?

Who Needs a Construction Attorney

Construction attorneys can represent and help any party involved in a construction project. From individual property owners, construction workers and contractions, to major construction companies, each of them could benefit from an attorney. Regardless of the party requesting services, the two most common problems that lead to attorney engagement include payment discrepancies and quality or workmanship problems.

When to Engage a Construction Attorney

The most straightforward answer to this question is that you should bring in a construction attorney as soon as possible. Too early is never a problem when entering into a significant contract, though it is not unusual for clients to find themselves deep into a problematic project when they come to me.

Benefits of Construction Attorneys

When engaged early, construction attorneys can save clients significant time and money. To reinforce my previous point, lawyers add the most value when they can be part of the contracting and setting the terms for the project.

Services Provided by Construction Attorney

Some construction attorneys may be generalized to work with a variety of clients, while others may specialize with a particular client group. Depending on the area of expertise, you can expect to see some of the following services offered:

Drafting and reviewing contracts Structuring a business plan for construction companies On-the-job accident and injury representation Design and craftsmanship litigation Labor and union disputes Compliance with regulatory and code requirements

Choosing Your Construction Attorney

Clients should consider a number of the factors previously mentioned by selecting a construction attorney for their project. Also, consider the following as you search for your attorney:

Certifications: any reasonable attorney should be board certified, indicating they have consistent and adequate experience in the field.

Earlier is better: Again, you will benefit the most from an attorney if they work with you from day one. Find an attorney who understands your needs and has demonstrated expertise in the domain. Their partnership early on will help you avoid common missteps and save money in the process.

How to choose a Florida Construction Attorney